New high yielding type of winter triticale. It is characterised by long and bent white-coloured spikes with awn. It is characterised as having a large, slightly shriveled grain weighing 1000 grains about 44g, and hectoliter weight of about 81 kg. The protein content in the grain is 13-16%.

It has good resistance to more important diseases and very good lodging resistance. It belongs to the group of lower types of triticale, with a firm and elastic stem of an average height around 96 cm

Favorit is a high yielding type with genetic potential for the grain yield above 11 t/ha. It is highly favourable for cattle feeding and the manufacturing of special types of bread. The greatest yield of the grain is achieved on fertile soils, with the application of intensive agricultural techniques

Like the other types of triticale, it achieves good results even on the least fertile soils of marginal values. It tolerates sowing well in tolerant and somewhat later deadlines, and due to its optionality, it achieves good results in early spring sowing as well

The optimal sowing time is the first half of October, with the use of 250-300 kg /ha of declared seeds. High yields are achieved by applying 120 to 140 kg/ha of pure nitrogen, with appropriate amounts of phosphorus and potassium