• Large number of spikelets and good grain size of the class

  • A precondition for high yield

  • Excellent resistance to lodging during strong wind and too wet soil

Salasar is a high yielding type of good baking qualities, stable and reliable under different agro-ecological conditions. With over 20 spikelets and a large number of grains per class in the optimal, it possesses great potential for exquisite results. It tolerates frost and temperatures down to -15 °C well.

Extremely elastic stem and the height of around 80 cm contribute to its excellent lodging resistance. It reacts perfectly to surface doses of nitrogen fertilizer and a high level of agrotechnical measures. There is also a high level of resistance to most of prevailing diseases.

With a hectoliter weight <80kg /hl, the crude protein content of about 13%, wet gluten 26-28%, excellent sedimentation, flour extraction, energy on the extensograph, and yield of bread volume, this variety is classified as bread type

Salasar is a breed of intensive manufacture which requires quality soil preparation, sowing in the first half of October, balanced nutrition and supplementation, timely chemical protection against weeds, diseases and, if necessary, harmful insects. It is recommended to sow with about 450 germinating grains / m2, or 200-220 kg /ha.